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Are anxious feelings getting the better of you, despite your best efforts to calm down?

Are you unsettled and unsatisfied with your life but mystified about what to do?

Do you suspect your emotional health is affecting your physical health?

Despite your best efforts do you still get angry every time you visit family?

Have you been taught to strive for change but find yourself putting things off?


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Do you realize, shifting your subtle energies can transform your life?

Learn how to administer EFT (Tapping) for yourself and others in one of Susan’s training workshops.

Enjoy private one-on-one sessions with Susan using EFT, ZPoint Process, BOS, TBM and other Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine Techniques.

Purchase Susan’s pre-recorded audios or teleconferences for in-home use at an affordable price.

Energy Therapies are techniques used for negative emotions, limiting beliefs and physical concerns. They help to dissolve the sting of the past.

Working in private practice since 2003 with thousands of clients and specializing in working with anxious feelings, self esteem, sadness, fear of change and anger issues Through one-on-one session work Susan has seen clients regain balance in their lives.

Susan will come to your location for EFT International Training and Customized Workshops for your group or organization. She also specializes in facilitating EFT training for Mental Health organizations who are feeling the stress and burnout inherent in working hard for others.

Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine Techniques have become a global phenomenon helping millions worldwide. Scientifically verified in major peer-reviewed journals like the American Psychological Society’s Flagship Journal, General Psychology they are gentle yet powerful tools that create profound personal change safely without having to relive the pain of the past.

When you change your energy, you change your life!

“Many psychological problems can be treated without the need to pass through laborious stages of discovery, emoting, and cognitive re-structuring which are frequently considered to be the hallmarks of true psychotherapy.”

Fred Gallo, Ph.D.,
Energy Psychology

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