Who Are These Workshops For?

These multi-day courses are for those interested in a small-group, live, experiential and comprehensive learning experience. Whether you are an experienced Tapper or just getting started, this course will have you feeling confident that you can Tap on a wide range of issues creating choice and brighter perspectives and working toward personal and professional goals. This EFT training is designed for both the general public as well as mental health professionals such as social workers, crisis workers, psychotherapists, guidance counsellors, nurses, MDs, psychologists and addiction counsellors. Backed by EFT International’s standardized curriculum and codes of ethics and conduct this course meets National Occupational Standards in order to be in alignment with other worldwide educational bodies. Course content is comprehensive EFT training with plenty of personal attention while you learn. Whether you choose to add this to an already existing practice, create your own practice (Level 1 & 2) or tap just for yourself, close friends and family (Level 1 only) this EFT training is designed to build confidence in yourself and in EFT.

You will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of your choice of workshop.

If you choose to pursue accreditation, the Level 2 workshop leads to additional training to receive your certificate of EFT Practitioner status with EFT International. Practice is with 20 different volunteers doing 50 sessions and then choose 4 of these people to write up as case histories. See the “Becoming Accredited” page on this website for more information.

The next step will be to complete 8 weeks of supervision and mentoring webinars with Susan while you complete your second two case histories. See the “Become Accredited” page for details on this website.

These workshops are designed to help you become a more confident tapper, to more fully understand how EFT works and to become more effective while holding those you work with safe. Everyone is welcome and needs will be accommodated whether you are a beginner or advanced Tapper. You must take Level 1 training before Level 2 even if you are an experienced tapper as all trainings are unique in their focus and breadth of knowledge. Skills taught in Level 2 build upon those taught in Level 1.

Upcoming EFT Trainings

Guelph May 2019
Moncton September 2019
Guelph October 2019

What You Will Learn in these Comprehensive Workshops

Basic Practitioner Concepts Safety for Self and Client

Personal Peace Procedure and Self Care
What if you get triggered?
Building Rapport
How To Manage And Honour The Client’s Pace
Maintaining Confidentiality
Surrogate Work. Guidelines And Recommendations
Working With Children And Animals
Using the Four Types of Intuition in an EFT Session
How To Be Effective With Clients Who Want To Please

Additional tapping points, The Basic Recipe and Dealing with Abreactions

Liver points
Finger points
Full Basic Recipe with 9 Gamut Tapping Sequence
Wrist and ankle points
Collarbone Breathing Technique (Great for Panic Attacks)
Tap and Breathe Technique
Floor to Ceiling Eye roll
What To Do If A Client Abreacts

Working with Emotional Energies

Direct and Indirect Approaches with EFT
Ways to Inject More Gentleness Into the Process
For the Client Who Can’t Share the Feeling or Event
Creating privacy for your client
Sneaking Up On The Problem
Way To Always Hold Your Client Safe
Maintaining Eye Contact.When and why this is needed
Bach Flower Rescue Remedy Spray
Body’s Shock or Freeze Release And What To Do
The Tearless Trauma Technique
Using Metaphor To Safely Clear Trauma

Addressing Physical Issues with EFT (Great for Chronic Diseases)

The Real Root Of Physical Issues
Clearing The Issue Swiftly
Chasing The Pain And The Colour Of Pain.
What To Do When A Physical Symptom Doesn’t Vanish
The Perils Of Offering Medical Advice

Unearthing Limiting Beliefs and Core Issues

Why These Are What Keep People Stuck And What To Do
Careful Questioning Without Leading
Why Listening Is So Important
Keeping Your Beliefs And Values Out Of The Session

Tail Enders

What To Do If The Feeling Is Not Quite Gone
Why It’s Important To Be Thorough With Your Work

Principles from The Palace of Possibilities

Writing On Our Walls
It’s Nobody’s Fault. Generations Of Pain
Why Positive Affirmations Aren’t Always The Right Thing To Do
Dr. Pat Carrington’s Choices Method
Handling Forgiveness Issues


When To Use Them And When Not To
A Simple Reliable Reframe To Get You Started

Testing results and Calibration Techniques

When To Reassess For SUD’s And When Not To
Why Body Language Is More Important Than What The Client Says
Clues To Your Client’s Experience
How To Be Really Sure The Problem Is Gone

Delivering EFT in groups

The Power Of Borrowing Benefits
Common Stumbling Blocks And How To Avoid Them
Using Emotional Helpers or Spotters

Other Important Skills And Info

Working Online by Video Conferencing Or The Telephone. How Is It Different?
Cautions About Teaching The Client To Tap at Home.
The Importance Of Self Care And Avoiding Caregiver Burnout
Energy Testing For When The Client Gets Stuck
Working From Home And On The Internet. Professional Ethics and Precautions
Working Across International Borders
Professional Legal Standards

Upcoming EFT Trainings

Guelph May 2019
Moncton September 2019
Guelph October 2019