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ZPoint Process

The ZPoint Process is another Energy Psychology technique designed to easily and immediately release the emotional triggers that result in unhealthy stress. When using ZPoint, most people feel as though they are in a deep meditative state without actually meditating. Imagine feeling deeply relaxed, peaceful and filled with the most delicious sense of well-being. That’s how you feel after ZPoint.

ZPoint is an incredibly simple yet powerful tool and it’s designed to release the very feelings that hold you back from achieving what you really want from life. It dissolves the feelings that may cause you to feel ashamed of who you are or the feelings that cause you to be less than who you really are. ZPoint eliminates the emotional clutter between how you feel now and who you could become.

ZPoint Process itself is incredibly simple. It consists of a short but powerful Intention or Healing Program that you simply read or listen to once, and a cue word that activates that Program. And then, each time you repeat your cue word as you pay attention to areas of upset or stress, you will release that upset, and begin feeling deeply peaceful and relaxed. It sounds too simple to work, but it really does.

ZPoint can be applied in any situation at any time. The results are long lasting, cumulative and generalize into many areas of your life. Clients love the fact that they can shift from feeling deeply upset to feeling deeply at peace within a very few minutes. They learn that they have complete control over their emotional state. People are often amazed at how really easy it is to feel a lot better. Emotional healing does not need to take years and years or even months and months.

Many people experience a dramatic, immediate and long lasting reduction in their overall level of stress after receiving a ZPoint session. They report enjoying a clearer, quieter and more focused mind. Many notice better relationships with spouses, co-workers, bosses, friends, family and almost everyone else they come into contact with. ZPoint gives you an effortless and effective way to take control of your life and your reactions to it.

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Susan with ZPoint Process Founder Grant Connolly