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EFT Gathering in Ontario
April 25 – 27, 2020

Cutten Fields Golf  & Tennis Club
University of Guelph

We’re thrilled to announce the
5th EFT Gathering in Ontario, Canada

You are warmly invited to this outstanding, community-building event. The only multi-day EFT Gathering spotlighting Tapping in Canada. For those already immersed in an “EFT lifestyle” this is your event. And for those ready to learn more about how Emotional Freedom Techniques creates change in both our personal and professional lives, read on!

Everyone is welcome whether you are a beginner or seasoned Tapper.

Our aim as always is not only to welcome beginner Tappers but also those in the fields of Mental Health, Emergency Services and Education.

Broaden knowledge and understanding to use this scientifically valid, calming self-healing and easily administered technique to assist with learning goals in the classroom, to reduce stress in a medical facility or create cognitive shifts with greater ease in a psychotherapeutic practice.

Feel better equipped to use EFT at home for personal challenges and everyday life.  And for those already using EFT extensively, give life to your enthusiasm by spending time with other Tappers.

Presentations and breakouts will be interspersed throughout the weekend with a big stretch break on Sunday. The bonus Post Conference Workshop on Monday “Spiritual Adventuring Amidst EFT” focuses on appreciating how EFT assists us on our Spiritual Journey. In this workshop you will experience how EFT brightens your perspective, allowing greater access to the “wise old person inside you”. This is turn bolsters and serves to keep you centred and clear on your path of life discovery. You may attend this workshop or combine it with attendance at the Gathering and save.

Curious how EFT transforms how you work in Mental Health?
Ready to meet other professionals who use EFT for themselves and their clients?
Does your agency deal with big challenges with little time for employee self care?
Wondering if Tapping is for you even if you’re not in Mental Health or Education?

Are you an established complimentary healthcare provider, like a naturopath, RMT, chiropractor, osteopath or homeopath? Do you understand how emotions and challenging life events can stand in the way of a healing process? Does your coaching program or body work practice need a skillset to assist when clients have an emotional release? Find out more at the EFT Gathering in Ontario.

Perhaps you are an entrepreneur and have heard how EFT benefits and sustains business success but you are not sure how? Meet others who use EFT to eliminate limiting beliefs and self-sabotage boosting their career and business confidence. Meet those who use Tapping to create resiliency in life? 

There’s all this and more coming to the EFT Gathering at the Cutten Fields Golf and Tennis Club at the University of Guelph. April 25-27th, 2020.

Mona Meyer Cancer Coach uses EFT in her Private Practice.

Mona Meyer Cancer Coach uses EFT in her Private Practice.

Although we will not be teaching EFT at the Gathering (click here if you are interested in EFT Training) we have podium presentations as well as interactive breakouts where you sit side by side with others who have an interest in all aspects of EFT. Some of what you will experience is:

  1. EFT’s role in Spiritual Development (Postconference)
  2. Considerations in Professional Development with Energy Therapies
  3. Using EFT for Compassionate Inquiry
  4. Finding your True Self with EFT because The Body Never Lies
  5. EFT for Mindfulness
  6. How EFT Changes Your Established Mental Health Practice
  7. EFT for your Family of Origin
  8. Ethical Considerations in the use of EFT
  9. And so much more……     

Beginners, experts, everyone welcome. It’s a fun time. We are a friendly bunch!


Jill Ferras Paramedic spoke in 2018 on how she uses EFT with First Responders.

Jill Ferras Paramedic spoke in 2018 on how she uses EFT with First Responders.

Early Bird Fee
$350 for the Gathering
(or two Easy Payments of $175)
After March 1st $400
(or two Easy Payments of $200)

One day only Sat or Sun $175
After March 1st $200

Postconference Workshop (Monday only)
“Spiritual Adventuring Amidst EFT”
$150 ($200 After March 1st)

Register for all 3 days by March 1st
$450 (two Easy Pays of $225)

Save $150 by registering early

HST, Lunch, Snacks, Teas & Coffee included.