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AAMET Level 1 & 2 EFT Training in
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

Experience AAMET EFT Training in Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada 

Have you been hearing about the magic of EFT?  Perhaps you have been experimenting with Tapping on your own issues or with your clients and you’ve decided to train properly?  

Do you learn best by “doing” and love the thought of learning in a small, supportive group of like-minded people? Would you like the world’s largest and oldest EFT training organization behind you.?

With this two-day (Level 1) or 4-day (Levels 1 & 2) live training, and following AAMET’s extensive syllabus, Susan guides you towards becoming confident and competent with EFT. This foundational course is designed for both beginners who only want to use EFT for themselves and friends and those who already have experience with EFT, professionals working in Mental Health or those who want to effectively bring it into their professional practice or clinic.

There is nothing like a live training  course to develop competency under the watchful eye of a skilled and compassionate trainer. It’s the best way to be truly sure that you have the skills to hold friends, family & clients safe while tapping with them. (24 CECs available with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association)

If you would like to pursue Accredited Practitioner status, you must begin with this full 4-day training following which there is further web-based learning, supervision and case history work to become accredited. (See “Becoming Accredited” for more info)

Greystone Manor Bed & Breakfast – overlooking the Niagara Gorge.

EFT is an extremely effective and well researched tool for changing feelings about yourself, the world and the way it works.  This course teaches you how to release yourself from the sting of events in your emotional history that you know are affecting your present. This is an opportunity to move forward in life by shifting your energetic vibration becoming more deeply connected with who you really are and how you are here to help others.

With continued use, EFT shifts mindsets and belief systems within relationships and with life’s challenges. Choices and solutions arise that were previously not considered or perceived. Once learned, EFT is always at your fingertips. Everyone is welcome. Please call for details if you need accessibilty assistance of any kind. 

Our beautiful venue is Greystone Manor  in Niagara Falls. A historical home that serves up amazing full course breakfasts.  Accommodations are available by contacting the proprietor directly through their contact page at www.greystone-manor.ca   Bookings cannot be accessed through the website as we have blocked off all the rooms for our  EFT training registrants.


Live EFT Trainings with
Susan Bushell EFT Master Trainer
are fun and informative

Greystone Manor, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada

Level 1 only
(first 2 days only)

$550 or Two Easy Payments of $275

Early Bird Fee $500 (Easy Pay $250) until Feb 13, 2019

Combined Levels 1 & 2
(all 4 days)

$950 or Two Easy Payments of $475

Early Bird Fee $900 (Easy Pay $450) until Feb 13, 2019

Repeater Fees Half Price

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Canadian AAMET Training. Level 1 or Combined Levels 1 & 2  EFT.  Susan Bushell has been in private practice in Guelph, Ontario since 2003. She is an AAMET International Master Trainer and Advanced Level 3 EFT Practitioner and has trained and mentored hundreds of EFT students. Susan offers this training to both professional & lay people to learn how to tap confidently for themselves, close family and friends. (Level 1) or professionally with clients (Combined Level 1 & 2) She is wholly committed to teaching excellence in Canada.

This course focuses on using EFT to dissolve negative emotions and beliefs. We work to improve your understanding of the human biofield and how The Discovery Statement is vital to your success with Tapping. EFT, properly administered, offers brighter perspectives leading to life transformation. Learn and practice both the Basic Recipe and the Shortcut versions of EFT. Learn the Tearless TraumaTechnique as well as how to gently get to the bottom of things. Learn how to work with emerging aspects which hold uncomfortable emotions in place and why knowing how to release these aspects is critical to becoming a skilled Tapper & Practitioner. You will be closely supervised in a small-group learning group practicing in pairs until you feel confident with EFT. You will also learn how to work with your resistance and disbelief at the speed & effectiveness of EFT. Feel how shifting perspective about an unfortunate event or a limiting belief creates future positive change. Susan will share why positive affirmations are not enough and why EFT needs to be administered first before affirmations.

This course is an intensive experiential program so be prepared to participate fully throughout the weekend clearing up some of your emotional past being closely supervised by a very experienced and compassionate teacher. 

Develop competency while working through the AAMET curriculum and once completed you may choose to attend Susan’s monthly office hours for further questions & support at no extra fee.

If you are already working in the mental health professions attend the full 4 days of training to begin to add EFT to your existing practice. The Combined Training is designed for social workers, psychotherapists, child and youth workers, family and marriage counsellors, addiction counsellors, front-line staff, physicans and nurses as well as others in the mental health field. 

This course is experiential and wide ranging. Be prepared to safely heal your own pain as you learn .