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Are you looking for professional EFT training?

Were You Initially Inspired To Become A Mental Health Professional But Now  Sometimes Wonder If You Could Be Helping in a More Efficient Way?

Or Are You Motivated To Learn Tapping
Just For Yourself and Friends?

(If you found your way to this page you likely fall into one of these two categories)

AAMET EFT Training
Combined Levels 1 & 2
February 21st – 24th, 2019
Guelph, Ontario

(24 CEC hours for full training with Canadian Counselling
and Psychotherapy Assoc.)

Are you intrigued by what you’ve been hearing about EFT? Do you learn best hands-on in a small, supportive group of like-minded folks overseen by an expert? Would you love to have the world’s largest, oldest and only non-profit EFT Training organization behind you.?

With focused effort and this live training following AAMET’s extensive syllabus, Susan guides you from “wishy washy EFT” towards becoming truly confident and competent. Designed both for beginners and those who already have experience with EFT a live training  course overseen by a skilled and compassionate teacher is the optimum way to be sure you know how to hold friends, family & clients safe.

For those wishing to pursue practitioner status after this 4-day foundational training you will progress at a future date to supervision with Susan using live webinars.  (See the accreditation info on this website by clicking HERE.)

EFT is a proven-effective and well researched somatic (body level) therapy for neutralizing challenging feelings, life events and beliefs about oneself and about the way the world operates.  

Learn how important it is to first release the sting of events in your own emotional history before you move on to working with others. Be guided through learning direct and indirect techniques to safely use Tapping with others. Move forward in life with greater ease and effectiveness by shifting your energetic vibration first. Be guided on how best to assist others as a mental health professional whether you are in private practice or working for an established association. Or learn how best to assist close family and friends. Watch how over time, as EFT is administered, self compassion increases and you become more deeply connected with your authentic Self.

Experience first hand how life’s issues calm as you Tap with your Energy System. Feel from the inside how EFT expertly and thoroughly administered, brings executive functioning skills back online allowing recognition of choices, options and life strategies that were previously not in conscious awareness. Receive ongoing support, learning and networking via Susan’s monthly Office Hours online (included in the fee for this training)

Once learned, EFT is always at your fingertips. Experienced and beginner Tappers are welcome. Please call if you have questions or need accessibilty assistance. 

Find out more about Susan by clicking here.

EFT Training in Toronto 2017

Facilitating EFT Training in Toronto 2017

Susan Co-Facilitating with Founding EFT Master, Ann Ross

Susan Co-Facilitating with Founding EFT Master, Ann Ross

‘I met Susan on the level 1 and 2 EFT training in England where she was teaching the group along with Ann Ross. I was completely new to EFT so felt like I had jumped in the deep end, but Susan soon made me feel at ease and able to work on my fear of being in front of a group. I was impressed by how skillful Susan was at helping me quickly through some very difficult and painful stuff with the minimum of suffering on my part. I found myself telling the group some of my most painful memories without feeling unduly bothered, which would have been almost impossible an hour before.

As a practitioner of nutritional therapy I think EFT is likely to be incredibly helpful for clients with emotional or psychological issues around food, and I am already feeling the benefits for myself in many areas that have held me back such – as with being able to give public talks without a lot of anxiety. Many thanks for all your help Susan!’ 

Andrew J. United Kingdom

Susan Bushell Accredited EFT Master Trainer and Advanced EFT Practitioner has been in private practice since 2003. She has trained, supervised and mentored over 400 EFT students. Having originally learned from EFT Founding Masters Carol Look, Judy Byrne, Gwyneth Moss, Anne Ross & Jacqui Crooks. This training is designed for both professionals & lay people to become confident tappers for themselves, family and friends and eventually (with further supervision) with clients. Susan is committed to EFT teaching excellence in Canada.

This course focuses on how negative emotions and beliefs are created and why your understanding of The Discovery Statement is vital to their elimination. Learn how EFT calms the Fight, Flight, Freeze Response and in so doing offers brighter perspectives and a calmer nervous system. Practice both the Basic Recipe and the Shortcut versions of EFT twice daily in practice-pairs throughout the course. Learn the Tearless Trauma & The Colour of Pain Techniques as well as skills to gently assist your client or yourself in getting to the core issues. Susan will teach you how to get to the bottom of things without having to dive into the deep end of emotions. Each EFT technique is explained, demonstrated and then practiced before moving onto new material. 

Practice working with fears, resistance and emerging aspects. Learn why knowing how to assess a complete release of the emotional charge of these aspects in the body is paramount to becoming a truly effective Tapper. You will be closely supervised in a small-group setting by an attentive teacher. Feel how shifting perspective about an unfortunate event or a limiting belief creates positive change. Susan shares why positive affirmations are not enough & why EFT needs to be administered first.

Susan ensures you leave this training feeling confident as a Tapper.

This course is an intensive experiential program so be prepared to participate fully throughout the training coming away far lighter yourself emotionally.  The investment you make here pays for itself in immeasurable ways in both your personal and professional life. 

Once you have completed this training you will be encouraged to attend Susan’s monthly office hours for further support at no extra charge for as long as you need.

This training is ideal for crisis work, social workers, psychotherapists, child and youth workers, family and marriage counsellors, guidance counsellors, physicans and nurses as well as addiction counsellors and others on the front line of the mental health field. Using EFT minimizes burnout and vicarious trauma from years of helping. Susan has a special place in her heart for those who practice professionally. 

This training is also ideal for those who simply want to become exceptional tappers for themselves, their friends and close family members. 

Excellence in EFT Training and Support
Guelph, Ontario

Combined Levels 1 & 2 $950 (or 2 Easy Pays of $475)

Early Bird Fee $900 (Easy Pay $450) until February 1st, 2019

Level 1 Only (First two days of training) $550
(Two Easy Payments $275)

Save with the Early Bird Registration Fee $500
(Two Easy Payments of $250) until Feb 1, 2019

Repeater Fees Half Price