What is EFT?

EFT is an Energy Meridian Tapping technique that allows negative emotions to be released from the Human Energy Field and subsequently from the body. It is based on the discovery that when focusing on a negative feeling or event while tapping acupressure points the “charge” of the event or feeling disappears because the neural patterns to the memory of that event have been calmed. Once the negative emotion is no longer resonating, positive changes and choices seem possible which would have otherwise been challenging. Simply put, EFT is acupressure for your emotions and limiting beliefs.

Susan with EFT Master Ann Ross

What’s the Research on EFT?

Dr. Peta Stapleton from Bond University speaks about the research behind EFT for PTSD, Depression and Anxiety.

Susan with David - EFT - Free Your Emotions

Susan assists David in his Clinical FastTrack
for Mental Health Professionals Workshops.

Susan with David - EFT - Free Your Emotions

Susan with Founding EFT Masters
Jacqui Crooks and Judy Byrne
at the AAMET Conference in Manchester, U.K.

What Can I Expect?

People usually notice a difference in how they feel even after one session and EFT is known by millions worldwide as the technique to use for just about anything from improving a golf score to relieving depression. Most clients notice subtle benefits right away but for sustained improvement, often a number of sessions is needed to assist the brain to see things differently.

EFT is not perfect. It does not have a 100% success rate. But it usually works very well and the results are often spectacular. Limiting beliefs that affect our life happiness can be eliminated. We can manage and sometimes eliminate physical pain. EFT achieves substantial relief where other methods have failed. This is not true for everything with everyone however but given time, practitioner skill and persistence, even complex issues may be resolved.

Susan with EFT Founding Masters
Jacqui Crooks and Ann Ross

Susan with David - EFT - Free Your Emotions

Susan with Sasha Allenby co-founder of Matrix Reimprinting

If you have serious emotional or physical problems or diagnoses you are advised to consult your physician or licensed mental health practitioner, as EFT is an enhancement to, and not a substitute for, traditional medical or mental health treatment.