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This membership provides a collection of videos and audios. You can join any time without commitment and come back to the page to reuse and listen in again and again. New material is added on a regular basis.

EFT Online with Susan


This membership option includes all free membership resources, but is for Tappers who want more! This membership provides monthly low-cost sessions of Livestreamed Tapping via ZOOM on a variety of topics, and is called Tapping for Life: Unlock to Potential. Prerequisites are that you know how to Tap and how to follow basic safety protocols to keep yourself emotionally safe while Tapping. It is assumed you know to keep Tapping if you become triggered until you become regulated again. (Leave big distressing life issues for private one-on-one sessions please).

More on Tapping for Life Membership

This live membership is geared for gaining confidence with EFT and “taking the edge off issues”. It’s group work for Fun, Tapping Support, Energy Exercises and Connection at a budget price. It allows you to tap along and practice in a supportive environment. Each month you will be lead through an hour of group Tapping with the guidance of an Accredited, compassionate, Advanced Practitioner and Trainer who has worked with thousands of clients and students since 2003.

Each month there are two time slots for the session (if you wish you can attend both for the same low price). There is a theme to each month e.g. COVID Feelings, Fear of Failure, People Pleasing, Letting go of Resentment. The sessions are on the second Wednesday of each month and are each one hour long at 9:30 am and 5:30 pm Eastern Time

Join for your FREE trial month after which you will be charged $57 CDN each month via your credit card. If you wish to cancel your membership you may do so at any time by reaching out to Susan at her email address at least 48 hours before your next payment date.

To enjoy this membership, you will need high speed internet, make sure your computer’s microphone and camera are in working order. Also, you need to be able to create a private, uninterrupted time just for you.

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Our FREE membership is open to everyone and provides access to videos and audios by Susan Bushell, Master EFT Trainer on a variety of topics. New videos are added regularly. There is absolutely no charge to this membership.

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Sign up for your One month’s FREE trial live-streamed on ZOOM. For experienced Tappers guided by Susan Bushell.  After which your credit card  will be charged $57 CDN monthly. You may cancel at any time with 48 hours notice.

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Disclaimer: By continuing to join in with these private online ZOOM sessions you are agreeing to take full responsibility for your own emotional and mental well-being and these monthly membership sessions, Susan Bushell or Free Your Emotions should never be used as a replacement for professional assessment or mental healthcare. It’s worth noting that Susan Bushell is not a regulated mental health professional and never assumes the role of caretaker for your mental health. She is a longstanding Advanced EFT Practitioner and Trainer Accredited with EFT International who has worked with thousands of clients and taught hundreds of EFT students since 2003.