(Formerly AAMET Level 3)

Ready to take your EFT skills to the next level?
Noticing new challenges in your EFT practice?
Need help learning how to manage deeply embedded behaviors?
Want to know more about the Art of Delivery of EFT?
Feeling called to help in more profound and rewarding ways?
Need a skilled and experienced supervisor?

Two-day course leads to accreditation as an Advanced EFT Practitioner (formerly known as Level 3)

Upon completion of this course, EFT International requires that you submit a minimum of 4 case studies to Susan. (One may be a video recording of a session) To achieve this she asks that you facilitate at least 3 sessions each with at least 3 volunteers dealing with complex issues. You will then write these up as case studies as well as one personal case study while attending two 90 minute videoconferences with other class participants. You will also attend two, one-on-one video conference sessions with Susan (included in the fee for the course) to address specific questions and receive feedback & suggestions for improvement. Once completed and approved, you are awarded a Certificate of Completion as an EFT International Advanced Practitioner and you may go on and write EFT International’s exam to become Accredited

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What you will learn in this workshop
Brief Review Level 1 & 2 EFT.

  • Introduction to psychological disorders.
  • Recognize severe mental health disorders, such as psychotic symptoms, anorexia, schizophrenia, bi-polar and serious drug addiction.
  • Protective distancing techniques.
  • More calibration skills.
  • Observation of eye movement, facial expression and body posture.
  • More on rapport.
  • Awareness of basic behavioural programs and patterns e.g. “away from” vs. “towards”. Use of matching, pacing & leading to enhance rapport.
  • Development of Intuitive skills.

Ongoing personal awareness.

  • The concepts of transference, projection and outcome attachment.
  • Doubts & limiting beliefs.
  • Self-monitoring & self-supervision.
  • Reminder on mentoring requirements.
  • Recognition of areas for personal development.
  • Ongoing application of EFT for personal issues.

Psychological reversal
Resolution of inner conflicts
Origins and evolution of problems

Introduction to working with serious disease

  • Likely long term process, managing expectations, PR, setbacks etc
  • Role of belief systems
  • More on direct and indirect measurement skills and techniques
  • Awareness of working with parts/inner child/sub-personalities.
  • The role of love and forgiveness in therapy work.

More on questioning techniques

Advanced core techniques

  • Continuous tapping (talk & tap).
  • Unstructured tapping, the use of intuition.
  • Reframing & pre-framing.
  • Techniques for use where clients are unable to access emotion.
  • Working with metaphor.
  • More on choices.
  • More on working with trauma.
  • Additional advanced techniques like Inner Child Techniques
  • Guest EFT experts

Working with clients with sensory impairments, disabilities, or where English is not their first language
Creativity with EFT
Using surrogate EFT
People &/or animals

Legal & ethical considerations both generally and specific to Ontario and Canada

Following this workshop for accreditation participants will be expected to attend and participate in two online 90 minute video conferences and two one-hour one-on-one sessions with Susan for accreditation as well as case history work. Click on the link below for more info


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