Anxiety Videoclass


Panic Attacks
And One Of It’s Root Causes
“But I’m Just Not Good Enough”
April 25th online 7-8:30 pm

Overwhelmed with life sometimes? Who hasn’t been? Do you find yourself shying away from potentially positive opportunities having felt overtaxed in the past? Are you experiencing Panic Attacks and would be willing to learn two Exercises that often subdue their onset or shorten their duration?
It’s important to remember that your anxiety is a reaction to things that have upset you in the past but that your body is re-experiencing the reaction at a time when the perceived danger is no longer present. A part of you has learned fear and got stuck there. The trick is to gently and safely show your body that the danger has passed and that you no longer need to be on “high alert”.

This is the second videoconference in our series. Last conference we learned about how our body’s powerful reaction to perceived threat can take over. I shared how to use simple and effective Energy Exercises to release the patterns of self protection and hypervigilance. This time we will address Panic Attacks and I will teach two simple Energy Exercises that often “turn back” or shorten the duration of a panic attack. These exercises used conscientiously will address your nervous system’s misunderstanding that you are being threatened.

We will also be doing extensive Tapping (EFT) on the number one root cause that keeps us anxious “But I’m Just Not Good Enough”. Although not required I’d love you to come prepared to share your perspectives about your self worth as I will be customizing the Tapping for those attending.

$39 (Includes HST)
Includes a Recording