Energy Therapies and
AAMET EFT Training in Canada

Have you been taught to strive for change but find yourself putting things off? Is your anxiety getting the better of you, despite your best efforts to calm down? Are you unsettled and unsatisfied with your life but mystified about what to do? Do you suspect your emotional health is affecting your physical health? Despite your best efforts do you still get angry every time you visit family? Do you secretly harbour old hurts from past relationships and suspect they are sabotaging present ones? Do you realize, that by shifting your Subtle Energies you can Transform Your Life?

We offer Energy Therapies for any budget. Learn how to administer EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) for yourself in one of our training workshops. Attend group or teleconference sessions and feel the power of Energy Psychology for a very affordable price. Bring us to your location for AAMET Accredited EFT Training and customized workshops.

Enjoy private one-on-one sessions with Susan Bushell (ZPoint, EFT, BOS and TBM Practitioner) to dissolve negative emotions. Let go of anxiety, panic attacks, depression, procrastination and anger. Help reduce physical pain or the hurt of abuse and trauma even if it’s decades old.

Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine have become a global phenomenon helping millions worldwide.  Scientifically verified in peer reviewed journals they are gentle yet powerful tools that create transformational personal change.

When you change your energy you change your life!

Kind Words

“I was introduced to Susan’s work by a friend that had incredible results working with her on childhood traumas. I have struggled my whole life with severe anxiety and my work with Susan has allowed me to achieve a sense of peace I never thought possible. The specific work I have done on family relationships has been unbelievable.”
Alex M. Guelph

“I’m thrilled that I finally found an energy healing therapy that doesn’t make me think! I just lie down and let ZPoint direct my subconscious to do all the clearing. How cool is that?!”
Lucy, Barrie, Ontario

“This is cheaper than therapy.”
Overheard at Susan’s Level 1 EFT Workshop

DISCLAIMER: This website provides general information, it is not intended as professional advice or treatment. Testimonials are not a guarantee, warranty or prediction of outcome. Reading this website content does not engage the visitor in a professional relationship. Please remember that EFT and Energy Therapies in general are never a replacement for medical care. If you feel that you have a concern that needs medical attention, please do not hesitate to contact your healthcare provider. Susan Bushell is not a psychotherapist nor a psychologist and does not practice psychotherapy of any kind. Susan is an AAMET trained EFT Practitioner, Trainer and Energy Therapist. The term Energy Psychology was coined by David Feinstein Psychotherapist and author www.innersource.net and Dr. Fred Gallo author and psychotherapist www.energypsych.com. For more information about Energy Psychology see the book “The Promise of Energy Psychology….Revolutionary Tools for Dramatic Personal Change” which can be ordered from www.innersource.net.